Abra Lopati

Duskwarden of the Halflight Path


Abra guided the party through the dangerous Halflight Path and into Kaer Maga. Over drinks he related a story of how his wife Lincora was killed by the Dark Rider 3 years before the events of Shattered Star.

Friendly, despite his recent loss, he became fast friends with Yen, Lilly, Makura, and Aisha, following them into the depths of the city despite the legalities. Lilly seemed to spark some past memories of Lincora, but she failed for a long time to notice his affections. After retrieving his wife’s head from the Dark Rider, he was able to move on and later married Lilly.

Age during Runelords: 25
Age during Shatter Star: 30
Age during Serpent Skull 50

Abra Lopati

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