Jasper Kandamerus

"The End is Nigh!"


Jasper is a wild-eyed madman, a dogged cleric of the god Groetus who’s convinced that the end of the world is just around the corner. The man stands 6 1/2 tall with piercing blue eyes and a tremendous head of wild hair. Add to that image the fearsome flail he favors (a weapon whose twin heads resemble grinning, almost spherical skulls), and the result is an imposing figure indeed.

Jasper’s mental state fluctuates between two extremes—periods of madness and periods of lucidity. While mad, Jasper wanders the slums of Magnimar, preaching to any who will listen about the coming end of the world. The durations of his lucid times are growing progressively shorter—he spends the bulk of these times researching the possible location of the Doomsday Door.

Jasper Kandamerus

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