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1. Natalya Vancaskerkin
Fearing retribution from her former gang leader, Natalya confided that she is not going to feel safe until Ayala, a wererat, is either dead or behind bars.
Reward: Cat Burglar’s Boots

2. Nazir Kalmeralm
Having passed away in the Crow, his death has been a mystery for 28 years. His daughter may wish to know what happen to him…
Reward: 1000gp & the Pendant of the Souk

3. Sheila Heidmarch
Sheila was excited about the information that the Crow Piling actually had an entrance and wanted a detailed map created of it. She doesn’t need it to be particularly artistic, but it needs to be accurate.
Reward: 4 Wayfinders

4. Canayven Heidmarch
Canayven shared his wife’s enthusiasm about an expedition into the Crow. He wants to learn of any new or unusual discoveries about Thassilon…written reports are good, but illustrations are better!
Reward: Undiscussed, but he mentioned a good amount of money.
1. Fresco of Alaznist’s ascension, paid 1,000
2. Monitoring Statue of Alaznist, paid 500
3. Alaznist remote observer statue, paid 500
4. Image of Alaznist and Yamasoth, paid 500
5. Map of the Rift Syphon, paid 500
6. Sihedron Shrine, paid 500

3. Halmeer Grobaras
The Lord-Mayor is tried of all the blame for the disappearances around town. He wants the shenanigans to stop and has offered money for the return of any missing people. He doesn’t care what is causing it or how it gets done, he just wants it done with.
Reward: 500gp per person returned, paid 1,500

4. Almya Gorangal
Your fellow Pathfiner Almya deigned to speak with you…and begrudgingly made a request. If you come across any Sinspawn she has called dibs on their heads. She wants at least 3 but more is better. She…didn’t actually say what she wanted them for…
Reward: 100gp a head., 4 heads given

5. Kasadei Deverin
After confiding classified information to you, Kasadei of the watch made a request: Information on what is going on with the missing people. The watch wants to know what is happening so they can put a stop to it, and prevent it from happening again.
Reward: 1000gp

Main Page

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